Rose   Gates    
      I am a mixed media, photo transfer artist who hopes that my vision will inspire my audience. My process has evolved over several years, starting with a twenty year experience as an impressionistic oil painter, then learning the technique of photo transfer and incorporating this into my work .

This process, to transfer images from newsprint, magazines, and personal photographs enabled me to expand my range of techniques into a matrix of past, present, and futuristic images. I hope to communicate the essence of centuries past through the languages of many cultures, universal symbols and the use of paint.

Whether the images be of mountains, oceans, temples, primitive sanctuaries or mandalas, I hope my paintings lead the viewer on a journey of life's significant markers of what we've done and where we're going.

The paintings are a reminder for the reverence of the past, a commitment to embrace the present, and reach for the timelessness of the future.

Rose Gates